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Pennexx Foods (PNNX) Your Social Marketing Inc.

Philadelphia, PA, Dec. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Pennexx Foods (PNNX):  Your Social Marketing Inc. is owned and operated by Mark LePera of Nashville, TN, a business network group. Mr. LePera stated, “Our affiliate network consists of over a million business connections. While utilizing YSO, I can quickly and inexpensively generate new sets of merchants and businesses and expand my real estate investors’ leads. I have been working with Mr. Candito and his incredible team for several months to introduce new clients to this ingenious new business marketing concept. YSO’s new feature allows me to offer my clients and business partners an innovative path to expand their sales and income.” Mr. LePera has been cultivating these partners and has already signed up two Nashville area Chamber of Commerce accounts, a national food delivery company, a group of fitness center franchisees, and numerous other variety of other large business groups.

Pennexx (PNNX) Your Social Marketing

Pennexx Foods (PNNX) Your Social Marketing Inc.

The concept of growing YSO’s customer base through these new venture-partners is essential for YSO’s exponential growth. Using these collaborative marketing partners across the country, the YSO brand can increase its sales force and its customer base much more rapidly than registering merchants one by one. Another crucial aspect of this recent revision to the YSO merchant portal is for non-profits and charities to fundraise and solicit donations while supporting the merchants who support them. Pennexx feels this revision, which allows “giving back,” is essential in keeping with our mission statement: To empower businesses with unique and affordable solutions, consumers with ubiquitous shopping options, and provide philanthropic opportunities for all.

One of our first non-profit partners is Bikes FOR Tykes. This charity, which provides bikes to underprivileged children, is already visible on YSO and working diligently to raise much-needed funds on our platform. Their current customers can donate while perusing their merchant partners for offers. Of course, sharing these offers on social media generates new customers and, therefore, more donations.

Pennexx Foods (PNNX) Your Social Marketing Inc.

YSO is honored to enjoy the company of Mr. LePera and his organization to our team. Mr. LePera’s input and creativity is an asset to YSO.  Sunny Sweet, CMO of Pennexx, says, “Mr. LePera brings a unique business and marketing background. He has an impressive team and appears to have access to endless resources to appropriate.”

Mr. LePera’s Career achievements include real estate sales and development, business and real estate coaching, public speaking, prison ministry, and now social media marketing.

You can locate Mark LePera daily on a meet up at noon EST, where he shares business ideas using the YSO platform. If you would like additional information, you can join this call at .

About Pennexx Foods Inc. (PNNX: OTCMKTS US). Pennexx, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is a holding company within the Software/Internet Industry that focuses on social media, prepaid debit cards, BitGift™, artificial intelligence, targeted marketing, and consumer rewards.

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For additional information, visit our website at or call 866-928-6409. Please follow us on Twitter @Pennexx.

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