Pennexx Tremendous Commercial Value

Pennexx Tremendous Commercial Value

Pennexx (PNNX) has recently submitted to the United States Patent Trademark Office its formal application for “Systems and Methods for Running Social Media Marketing Campaigns.” This application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 62/967,679 filed in 2020 and covers aspects of Pennexx’s social media merchant marketing technology.

This is a significant milestone in the company that can increase future shareholder value and protects its existing technology.

Upon approval, a patent gives Pennexx the right to stop others from copying Pennexx’s invention without permission. This would prevent other companies from competing with the company using its invention and increase its value as it protects its intellectual property. It would also put the company in a position to license the technology to other companies, providing another possible revenue source.

Pennexx Tremendous Commercial Value

Pennexx Tremendous Commercial Value

This patent will be viewable publicly upon publication by the U.S. patent office and covers a number of aspects of the Your Social Offers platform.
The inventors of the technology, Joseph Candito, and Vincent Risalvato selected Stephen Lewellyn of Lewellyn Law, PLLC as the company’s patent attorney as he has vast experience in the submission, execution, and defense of patents. A search of the USPTO reveals 186 results for patents Mr. Lewellyn has been involved in.Vincent Risalvato, CEO of Pennexx, has been an expert witness in billion-dollar patent and intellectual property cases such as Motorola vs. Microsoft, Kodak vs. HTC, and others. He noted, “Mr. Lewellyn is one of the best patent attorneys he has ever worked with.”

Pennexx’s Your Social Offers Has also Joined Affiliate Networks to Bring Access to Tens of Thousands of Coupons from Big Brands Like Amazon, BestBuy, Dell, Rakuten, Groupon, TigerDirect, and Many Others to Its Users

Pennexx (OTC: PNNX) has integrated (YSO) with affiliate networks to bring consumers savings for some of the most desired brands.

YSO will earn a commission for visitors brought into affiliate’s marketing channels, adding another revenue stream for Pennexx.

This new feature also has other benefits, such as adding significantly to the content available to consumers and making the website more desirable to merchants due to the increased traffic.

Pennexx Tremendous Commercial Value

The entire Pennexx and team are enthusiastic that this integration will “Jumpstart our endeavors and put us on the map.”

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