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ORLANDO, Fla. , April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bazelet Research, a subsidiary of Neon Bloom, Inc. (OTC: NBCO) reports it recently began advanced plant breeding efforts to and late-stage cultivar development. Our breeding efforts will create new THC-Free cannabis cultivars particularly for local and regional adaptation to soils and climates of the Southeast U.S. The primary goal is the Company releasing safe, effective 0.00% THC cultivars that are publicly available in the legal US hemp industry.

Bazelet Research

Bazelet Research will develop new THC-Free cannabis plant varieties that help create or meet emerging demand for new agriculturally based industrial and food products including plant-based chemicals that have industrial and/or pharmaceutical relevance.

“Cannabis breeding for years has used questionable techniques that over years have led most marketplace genetics focused on producing THC. The Company’s unique heirloom, landrace genetics, a 15,000sf plant tissue culture laboratory, CRISPR Gene-Editing / Genomic Sequencing Technology, over 70 years in the plant industry and more than 60 highly trained employees prepared to conduct this valuable scientific research. Our new plant varieties are 0.00% THC plants that will offer higher yields, better drought and pest resistance, and selectively express specific genes allowing our growers to produce unique, higher value crops,” said David Grand , Bazelet co-founder and Chief Research Officer. He further said, “We will pinpoint correlations between the genetic effects of certain strains for their optimal medicinal, consumer, and industrial application.”

For years, the Bazelet organization has worked closely with several US Agencies and these research projects are fully supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s, Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI).

This work will materially advance plant physiology, plant health, plant production, plant products, and sustainable agriculture in the Southeast US.

About Bazelet Research: Bazelet Research and Innovation is revolutionizing the field of genome engineering and sequencing using CRISPR-Cas9. This new technology empowers the company with limitless applications in disease therapeutics, drug discovery, agriculture, biofuels and more. Bazelet Research is pinpointing correlations between the genetic effects of certain cannabis strains for optimal industrial, medicinal and consumer application.

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